Aetna Medicare Compliance Attestation

Aetna Medicare Compliance Attestation

All contracted providers of Medicare (Parts C and/or D) or Medicaid must complete an annual Medicare Compliance Attestation by December 31st of each year.
<Year> Medicare Compliance Program Guidelines Attestation. <Name of First Tier> is a First Tier[1] entity. We provide administrative and or health care services .
Aetna's Education site for Healthcare Professionals is no longer available. Please visit to complete your annual Medicare FDR Attestation .
As part of consolidating our Medicare health maintenance organization (HMO) .
Find out how to complete annual compliance training for provider staff who. need to complete the 2018 Medicare Compliance Attestation by visiting
In addition to completing an attestation, Aetna and/or CMS may request that you provide evidence of your compliance with these Medicare Compliance Program .
This attestation confirms your organization received Aetna's educational training packet, which included our First Tier, Downstream and Related Entity (“FDR”) .

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